Ligia Yoga

Yoga Nidra

"Yoga Nidra is a great treasure, a potent meditative resource for healing, insight and empowerment...the opportunity to experience deep freedom. It welcomes us all home to ourselves."
- Uma Dinsmore Tuli


What is it?

Translated as Yogic Sleep, Yoga Nidra is actuality an awakening of The Self. The practice is among the deepest states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. Gradually through practice we become aware of the inner world When we become aware of that space residing deep inside our being, the so called Consciousness we make it our home.

For me, and I am repeating Uma here, in my own words Yoga Nidra is my home, a sacred portal into self acceptance, a safe space where I let go allowing deep physical, mental and emotional healing. It is also a constant source for instant creativity and joyful awakening.

How does it work?

One only needs to lie down, be willing to relax and follow the voice that guides them through the practice. It follows a structure which takes us systematically into a deep level of awareness navigating onto different brain waves. It can take between 15 and 45 min and can be tailored for individual needs.

Why do it?

Yoga Nidra improves sleep for everyone not just people with insomnia.  A proven antidote for Anxiety and Depression, it has been adopted by veterans, recovering addicts and anyone who wishes to navigate resourcefully though everyday life .

Release Tension in the Body and Mind

During the practice we restore the body and the mind to their natural function of healing.

Try this free Yoga Nidra recording to experience a state of relaxation and creativity...

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