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About Me

I worked for years in London as an interior architect and I was hooked on exercise. I obsessed about getting my fix and escaping work in my lunch hour, before or after work. To start with I enjoyed vigorous workouts but as pressure and responsibility increased I was more drawn towards a balanced state. So Yoga and Mindfulness. I don’t know what I would have been like without becoming conscious of my stress levels and learn how to bring joy to my working day. I found the combination of conscious movement and breath to be particularly good at creating a content and resourceful state at work.

A physical Yoga practice will lead inadvertently to more body & mind awareness and in time practice will lead to a deeper understanding of myself.  Before I understood and applied Yoga to my life I was merely surviving, falling from one set of emotional/behavioural pattern to another. The mind and heart in a constant conflict not knowing the right from the wrong.  

Our entire life be that work or personal is often based on collages of what we take from our parents, school, media, friends etc. Not having a deeper understanding of ourselves is an overwhelming platform of expectations created by others. My mind was playing a constant narrative of how things should be and almost never letting me enjoy things for what they were. Most of us react to things around us by judging, comparing and then probably reacting in a familiar way to it based on most likely our past experiences or based on what they assimilated as right.

 Letting Go creates Empowerment not weakness or giving up. Surrendering to the Present moment creates space into our beings. Space is necessary to reevaluate situations. The mind can observe. Letting go of control was the biggest source of energy and pleasure I could have given myself.

Through a constant and mindful practice, easily done alone at home on a daily basis and supported by a couple of times a week with a trusted teacher.  



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